Miscellaneous - Some additional odds and ends that may be of interest

Another older photography website of mine is www.arev.photographer.org It hasn't been updated for a several years but it may have a few things of interest. I plan to close it in the near future as it is now surplus to requirements.

worldwide panoramas

I have contributed several 360 panoramas over the years to World Wide Panorama events. Some of the finest panoramas from all around the globe can be seen here. All require Quicktime.

Worldwide Panorama

A 3D Panorama
More 360 Panoramas that have previously been unpublished to be added, In the meantime here is an experimental 3D panorama (get your 3D specks on) which at the time (2003!) seemed interesting, Java version only

330 Collins 360
Old observation deck, 330 Collins St, Melbourne
In 2005, I photographed the renovations at 330 Collins St, Melbourne,.on the corner of Elizabeth St. The present building was built in the early 1960s when I assume this public observation deck was at it's most popular before the views were obscured by the construction of taller buildings. In 2005 the observation deck had long been closed to the public and I suspect it will remain that way forever now. This 360 panorama has remained un-published until now
Flash versions only: Click here