Over the years, I have photographed many interesting sights, venues etc and have used/experimented with many different techniques and equipment. Many examples have been lost over time thanks to failing hard drives, cd roms, dvds etc. But hopefully I'll find some examples to post here.
Photo taken in the foyer of the American Embassy, Melbourne whilst photographing office space in 2001. It looked quite sinister but no shots were fired.
Early 360 images, all taken in Melbourne in 2001. Keep in mind that these were all taken with a 2.1Mp camera.
They are: 1. Moonee Valley Racecourse Stand 2. Mooneee Valley Racecourse Betting Ring 3.Grossi Florentina Restaurant 4. Vic Market 5. Office
I also have some old 360 images on the World Wide Panorama website (2004-2009) which show how the quality of 360 images improved as digital camera technology advanced. Even better quality is obviously possible now but these images are still time consuming to produce and I now opt for quicker simpler solutions for real estate virtual tours to keep the cost for clients low. Click on the image about to open the World Wide Panorama website in a new window. Have a look at some of the other photographers work whilst there.
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